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N.E.A.R.S (NLU Equivalancy and Articulation Report System)


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Welcome, Transfer Students!

The Transfer Articulation Guide (TAG) provides transfer information for institutions with which National Louis University (NLU) has transfer agreements and other institutions with frequently transferred credit, including credit for prior learning and standard examinations.

The guide is designed to show how transfer courses may fulfill program requirements at NLU and is intended to be used as a planning tool. It is subject to change without notice at the discretion of National Louis or partner institutions. The inclusion of a course in this guide does not guarantee acceptance; likewise, the exclusion of a course does not mean that the course won’t be accepted. Please contact nluinfo@nl.edu if you don’t see your courses in our guide.

Transfer agreements with specific institutions are reflected under Program Guides, which list all courses from a specific associate’s degree plus additional transferable courses accepted from your institution by National Louis. Students must work with their advisor at the community college to ensure that coursework listed in the Program Guide will also meet the requirements for the associate’s degree. Students who didn’t meet the terms of a specific agreement, including completion of an associate’s degree, or attended other institutions will be admitted to NLU as transfer students and will have all previous college work evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

NLU requires a minimum grade of C to accept transfer credit. There are specific program-to-program agreements (including IAI) that may allow a grade of less than C to be accepted for students who completed an associate’s degree with a GPA of 2.0 or higher. This exception can only be granted if permissible by specific baccalaureate degree academic policies and stated in the articulation agreement. Please consult with an NLU enrollment specialist and your college advisor on details related to this exception.

Please refer to our catalog at https://www.nl.edu/admissions/catalogsandcourseinformation/catalogsandcourseinformation/ for full information regarding program-specific requirements, minimum grades and other applicable academic policies and restrictions. There may be additional limits to the acceptance of different types of credit by a specific degree program.

NOTE: Program and course requirements are subject to change. It is your responsibility as a student to check your degree requirements before taking courses. You have to work with your advisor as each school will provide you with the most accurate information about your present program requirements.

Information The inclusion of a course on this guide does not guarantee acceptance. Likewise, the exclusion of a course does not mean that it will not be accepted. An official evaluation of your transfer credit will be provided to you when you are admitted to NLU.

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